Hey there,
My name is Tobías Naftali,
I'm a software engineer.
Some Of My Favorite Projects
TodoPago 2018 - 2019

TodoPago is an online payments platform that allows to collect money from online sales with a credit card and offers monthly payments.

Company: redbee Studios

Market report with charts, actual values and historical data for rubber and latex prices.


Betafolio is a flat-fee, low-cost, evidence-based turn-key model portfolio service (MPS) exclusive to financial planners and their clients.

This Bot helps you find wallpapers that you like, searching by tag or getting random wallpapers.
It uses computer vision to tag the uploaded images, using Google Cloud Vision API.

This algorithm creates Hasse diagrams for divisibility relations (partial order relations) using Python for the calculations and Processing for drawing the diagrams.


This algorithm helps you calculate the determinant of any square matrix.
Here are some screenshots of the program: